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The natural characteristics of polymer are utilised to manufacture hard-wearing, smooth-faced, versatile boards suitable for a variety of applications in agriculture, construction and beyond. EcoSheet is engineered to perform as an alternative to imported plywood, or to virgin plastic panels,  yet in turn are fully recyclable at end-of-life.

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Does EcoSheet react in hot water?

EcoSheet should withstand even 100/120 degrees. It would react the same as it would in hot weather – the water

doesn’t affect it but the temperature may cause the board to expand/detract by e.g. 2mm per metre per 20 degrees.


Will EcoSheet fade in the sun?

EcoSheet is UV stabilised, there will be no dramatic fading over decades.


Do I require specialist tools to handle EcoSheet?

No, you can treat EcoSheet as you would wood.


When marking cutting areas, what would you use?

A simple Tipp-Ex pen is perfect for marking and comes off afterwards leaving no marks. Certain chalks could also be used.


Will EcoSheet produce dust when cut?

EcoSheet will produce a similar amount of plastic swarf when cut as dust when cutting wood.


Can I paint EcoSheet?

Yes. EcoSheet has a paint ready face and can be coated for external applications using either solvent or water based paints. A good wood

primer/undercoat is applied first before top coating in Exterior Gloss. We would advise using the same type (water-based or solvent

based) on both coats


Can I store EcoSheet on its side?

No. We would advise always storing EcoSheet flat until ready for use.


What expansion gap should I leave?

We would suggestion leaving a 3mm expansion gap.


What would I use to edge EcoSheet?

EcoSheets closed cell structure makes it entirely waterproof meaning edges do not need to be sealed but if you did want to edge the

boards, they can be edge-banded with a plastic or wood edging.




Will EcoSheet swell with water like Plywood?

No - Plywood expands and splinters creating a rough surface and split edges – EcoSheet will not do this - its closed cell structure makes

EcoSheet entirely water-proof meaning there will be no swelling.

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