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Using EcoSheet

Wind resistance
In-house testing for site-hoarding applications indicate that EcoSheet can withstand Beaufort Scale 10 when supported on an appropriate 3 rail timber post and rail structure.

Water permeability
The closed cell structure makes EcoSheet completely waterproof, this means there can be no water-induced swelling or structural deformation.

Release properties
In-house testing for pre-cast applications indicate that Ecosheet requires little or no release agents.

Load bearing
Please discuss with us your application, fixings etc when using for horizontal load bearing.

Expansion gaps
We recommend 3-4mm per metre to allow for thermal expansion when exposed to the sun.

Practical User Guides

EcoSheet has a paint ready face (the roughened dull side). This can be coated for external applications using either solvent-based or water-based paints. A good solvent wood primer/undercoat is applied first before top coating in Exterior Gloss, or a water-based primer before a masonry paint.

You can cut EcoSheet with a hand saw. For the best cutting, a laminate cutting saw is recommended. When using a circular saw we recommend TCT blades, as they cut well with minimal friction. We can recommend the DeWalt 1206 TCT and the Evolution Fury TCT blades. There is little or no breakout when using these saw blades. EcoSheet produces a plastic swarf when cut and needs no special breathing protection.

EcoSheet drills well with HSS or wood drill-bits. Holes are best cut by wood spade cutters. Pilot holes are not needed. EcoSheet can be countersunk, although this is not usually needed with posi-screws which will sit neatly just below the surface.

Wood fillers generally do not work with EcoSheet. Instead, we suggest Isopon P38 or Ultima Plastic Padding, which are basic epoxy fillers.

EcoSheet can be CNC routed, using a tungsten carbide head.

EcoSheet can be profiled, although the structure of the panel means that the strength is in the skin and the core is foamed, and it will not give a smooth edge.

Laminating and Edging
High Pressure Laminates (HPL) can be bonded to the face using Bostik Aquaseal 29952. EcoSheet can be edge- banded with a plastic or wood edging.

Wood glues don't work; we have tried and can confirm that Loctite 3038, Sikaflex 552, Stixall and CT1 grab adhesive will bond EcoSheet when used on the face. Evode Contact adhesive is also recommended.

Self tapping posi-screws take and hold well without pilot holes. Screws fix well in EcoSheet as its elasticity means it stretches and then grips around the screw's thread.

Round wires and ring shanks work well. Nail guns can be used when fixing EcoSheet board into timber, provided the gun is set to a suitably low pressure or 'flush' setting.

Laminating with films
EcoSheet can be PVC wrapped or laminated with 3M Controltac.

Food areas
The small pits in its surface make Ecosheet unsuitable for canteen table tops, food preparation surfaces and chopping boards.

Ecosheet is made from mixed polymers and cannot be welded, joints should be sealed with a waterproof PU adhesive.

A light wash with a hose should be sufficient to keep boards clean, if you do use a jet wash, turn the pressure down and keep nozzle at least 300mm from the board.

Information provided is for guidance only; the customer is solely responsible for making sure that EcoSheet is fit for purpose

Paint it, cut it, drill